Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Certain Uncertainty...

Nothing like year end blues to dampen the spirits... I mean fiscal year end from work! "Hurry up and wait"... is not a motto to live by... but it's the world I live in right now. Start a project... no wait, stop... no, do it this way... no, wait. Yup, the spirit truly dampened. But then, out of the blue a knitty buddy gifted me with the most delightful 'Ode to Ireland' fingerless gloves. I giggled with delight and the blues were magically lifted. To bring it over the top... the following day I received in the mail another gorgeous pair of green lacy fingerless gloves... perfect for my Jane Austen weekends... from another knitty buddy! I have to say... my beautiful friends do know what I like!

Sometimes that's all it takes... one small gesture towards another to help lift the spirit. In this world of uncertainty... you can be certain of one thing... kindness goes a long ways.