Monday, 19 December 2011

monsters are done!

Six days before Christmas and my knitty gifts are done. That's right... SIX days before Christmas!!! The last of the monsters for the three great-nephew monsters was finished today! Now I have to give them away and not get all uptight when the first arm is riped off!!!

Wouldn't it be nice if we could give away our own personal monsters as fast? You know... those ones that have been residing in the closet in the head raising its ugly form every now and then? Those monsters that stop you from starting anything new or moving past a hurt. We can hold on so tight to them that in the struggle something breaks off and we hurt all over again.

That just may be the true gift of the season... giving away the monsters of hurt, self-doubt, anger, fear... and move towards freedom. Freedom for the heart and soul to be filled with joy... like my heart will be when my much loved g-nephews give their heart-made toys their first hug! Now that's a happy Christmas!

Monday, 12 December 2011

squirrel moments...

Christmas is less than two weeks away and I'm still working on those silly monster stuffies for my wee monsters! I keep going off track with last minute ideas... homemade Nutz n' Bolts... soap... last minute gifts... parties... SQUIRREL! Heck, I thought I did good by getting some gifts done over the summer but apparently there's alway more to do.

There's alway more to knit, more ideas, more parties... SQUIRREL. Good news is... one monster just needs feet, other monster needs all four limbs and third monster... well, still deciding how to do that one... but I will make it despite the soap and the nutz 'n' bolts and the last minute parties. One big squirrel moment, a last minute idea to make Poppa and earflap toque with alpaca yarn from a A to Z Alpaca, a southern Alberta farm... love buying local... because he was getting a brand new spiffy wheelchair that will have a lot more zip! His ears are gonna need the extra warmth as he zips about in the dead of winter plus he'll look pretty darn snappy to boot... SQUIRREL!

There really is nothing wrong with squirrel moments for sometimes those create the best ideas! Poppa's toque and eucalyptus/frankincense infused soap (more manly than lavender) for example. Now, to try and use squirrel moments for more creative results at work. May be a little harder sell but I'm quite sure it can make that day job a lot more rewarding. Maybe I just need to bring some Nutz n' Bolts and create those squirrel moments...

Thursday, 1 December 2011

the ever popular Advent countdown...

I don't remember getting Advent calendars when I was a kid but they are popular lil' items these days, aren't they? Well, it's December 1st and oddly enuff I want one! Well, maybe not one filled with chocolates but one that maybe gives me a wee toy. Better yet, one that give me knitty treasures and maybe another that gives me extra time.

Thankfully, I only have four knitty gifts to complete before Christmas... three monsters for my monster nephews and a little something for the Pops. Heck, I even got this super soft cowl done for one of my buds so I don't need the extra time to knit gifts. I need the extra time to knit up wee treasures... mini socks and mittens that could easily be strung together for garland or... wait for it... made into an Advent Calendar!

I blame my HeartSister... too many great patterns she's designed (check out the Ryan Eejits group on Ravelry) that I don't have enuff hands or time to get them done before Christmas. Maybe if I start the projects now I might have them ready for Christmas 2012. I think I need to get a chocolate calendar just to get me through this month... you know... for inspiration.