Thursday, 1 December 2011

the ever popular Advent countdown...

I don't remember getting Advent calendars when I was a kid but they are popular lil' items these days, aren't they? Well, it's December 1st and oddly enuff I want one! Well, maybe not one filled with chocolates but one that maybe gives me a wee toy. Better yet, one that give me knitty treasures and maybe another that gives me extra time.

Thankfully, I only have four knitty gifts to complete before Christmas... three monsters for my monster nephews and a little something for the Pops. Heck, I even got this super soft cowl done for one of my buds so I don't need the extra time to knit gifts. I need the extra time to knit up wee treasures... mini socks and mittens that could easily be strung together for garland or... wait for it... made into an Advent Calendar!

I blame my HeartSister... too many great patterns she's designed (check out the Ryan Eejits group on Ravelry) that I don't have enuff hands or time to get them done before Christmas. Maybe if I start the projects now I might have them ready for Christmas 2012. I think I need to get a chocolate calendar just to get me through this month... you know... for inspiration.

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  1. I was thinking , we used to have an advent wreath, with 4 candles on a everygreen wreath we sat on the table... or was that Lent? Wow, I've lost my mind...again!