Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Thumbs up?

My right thumb has not be cooperating with me. My "carpometacarpal joint".... the joint closest to the wrist... has been hurtin' for some time now and I been cryin' the blues. I'm not eliminating knitting from my repertoire... au contraire! The thumb just needs a rest. When I say rest... because I can't stop cold turkey or someone will die... I've taken up crocheting inbetween finishing up some knitty projects. See, for me, right now holding the hook is easier than knitting needles... different angles and pressure and twist action.
While it didn't take long to catch on, I still have to pay more attention to reading crochet patterns than knitty patterns (crochet charts is just a bunch of gobbly-gook). It took me four tries to get a simple blanket on the right track and thankfully the 'fudging' on the adorable minion caps is hidden under the goggles! When I was a kid I would watch Mum crochet with very fine thread and wee a hook creating very delicate lace doilies and tablecloths. This must have helped me with my visual muscle memory for the movements. I'm glad because...  did I mention that if I stop playing with yarn, someone will die?

Now, don't get me wrong... it still sucks that I can't knit all day long but even this ol' bird can learn new tricks. I'm still knitting a few rows at a time for projects already on the go but if I want to continue, resting the thumb (without going cold turkey) is key. And my massage therapist Erin, has been a delight in working the hand muscles... she's really catching on to the phrase "knitter massage"!

Life will always throw curve balls... I guess it's all on how you catch 'em so  no one dies...