Monday, 6 April 2015

Mindful knitting or some such thing...

I can't seem to count to three... sitting in a lovely corner at a recent knit retreat and I had to tink back a section over and over again on a new project because I couldn't count to three. I also started a simple crochet chevron baby blanket over the Easter weekend and it took me three days to complete 20 rows because, feckity feck, I couldn't count to three!

Maybe it was because I was knitting so feverishly to complete the round two sock madness socks that it just wore me right out. Maybe it was because my back has been acting up that I couldn't go to the gym for my trainer to torture me. Maybe it was because I've not quite yet adjusted to returning to work after my leave. Maybe it's a bit of everything that has turned counting to three an elusive task.

I absentmindedly bought a copy of the Love of Knitting magazine to peruse over while at the retreat. It's what one does at retreats... read, chat, knit, eat, chat and did I mention knit and eat? Then I read one of the articles... "Mindful Knitting" by Mark Lipinski and it resonated with me. I do wish I discovered this earlier but let me sum it up for you...

  • Slow Down... it isn't about the pace you knit but about paying attention to each stitch you knit
  • Let Go... while I may never work one project at a time, I can let go of things I know I will never complete
  • Open Up... to new techniques, new stitches, new ways to be creative
  • Think Back... cuz it's not about the end product but about the journey... towards a better me
The past few months of managing my panic attacks and learning new ways to deal with the stresses of work has been stressful all on its own. This Slow Stitching Movement is certainly well worth learning more about. Our world moves too fast. Maybe we all need to be more mindful of whatever it is we're doing. Time to be more focused... more deliberate in what we do... time to slow down and reconnect with ourselves. If we all do a little more of this maybe we can then be more mindful of each other.

Now, if you'll excuse me... time to get ready for round 3 of Sock Madness and remember how to count to three...