Thursday, 23 June 2011


Every so often life throws a curve ball that can just discombobulate everything in your world. Exactly five years ago this month I travelled to Ireland alone while running away from a horrible curve-ball moment. That moment changed my world forever! No, not the horrible curve-ball moment but my journey to my heartland moment. It opened my heart with new friends and new experiences which started the healing.

Curve-ball moments force us to rethink our world. Sometimes those curve-ball moments frighten us to our very core... sometimes they help us redirect our energies. My heart sister was delivered a curve-ball of all curve-balls but through the fear she re-directed her energies to not only healing her body but to designing incredible knitting patterns. The joy they bring to Meagheen as she sees her designs come to light is also healing. As we both continue on our journey we are stronger for the curve-balls that have been thrown at us... but the best gift... our love for each other!

Five years later and no longer discombobulated... well, maybe a little but I think that's just me.