Sunday, 17 July 2011

what to do... what to do...

I'm having a stay-cation... you know... a vacation where one stays at home. Very restful and very much needed. I never understood the folks who always claim they can't get away from work to have a proper vacation. Really.... you think you're that indispensable? 

Well, the hard part for me is not about taking time off but what to do while taking time off. This was one of the few times that I never went anywhere... I stayed home. It was kinda odd at first. I wanted to fly somewhere... anywhere. I just wanted to be on plane with passport in hand, wondering down streets and enjoying lattes at a sidewalk cafe. Well, didn't happen but what did happen... a few lattes at my favourite sidewalk cafe, wandering down streets looking at local wares, going to ethnic food markets and doing my favourite thing... deck knitting!

One can have a great rest while discovering new things at home! I rested, I discovered, I latte'd, I completed a pair of socks, a shawl and if I had 3 more days off... would've had my second shawl done. I felt more productive away from work than at work... huh! Next time tho... I'm going somewhere that's gonna require my passport!!!!