Thursday, 17 May 2012

love 'n such

A stolen afternoon from work and no guilt here! Oh, it's standing at the door but I sure ain't letting it in for a cup of tea!

I have more on my plate in my personal life than my work life but isn't that always the way for everyone? So, while I have a wee lull in my work world... time to catch up in my real world. Lots of knitting projects to do and... ack... already trying to plan out the Christmas knit list. 

STOP!!! Don't get ahead of yourself girl... relax and finish the summer knits. 

There's a wedding to attend in three weeks and only 1/3 of the project completed... travel over The Pond in five weeks and haven't even started the two gifts let alone finish the lace pullover I want to take for myself. Do I plan too big? Knit too slow? I know I'm a polygamous knitter but being bored with one knit atta time is NOT an option. 

To take the whole summer off would be a delight. Not just for traveling or knitting up a storm but to do more things in my fair city. I love Edmonton and all that it offers... the festivals, the markets, the food trucks, the parks... I could go on and on. Suffice it to say I want to be able to give back in some form to the city that has given much to me. I know, a wee bit sappy but it's true. Oh to combine giving back with knitty goodness... oh, the mind is scheming, I mean planning already... Yarn Art anyone?

I'll leaving the over-active mind whirling away in the background but in the mean time, back to the gifts and knitting in the warmth of the sun with my cup of tea!