Friday, 8 November 2013

I could use a minion...

I'm sure we could all use a minion or two in our lives. You know, the ones who clean the toilet, removes the greasy dust grime from the top of the kitchen cupboards and does windows. And I say this every year... gotta start that Xmas knitting in the summer. That has yet to happen so a knitty minion would be most helpful. But alas, it's unlikely I'm going to have a follower who would be devoted to me relentlessly and forever.

So many projects started and not enough time to finish them all. What do I do? Start another... squirrel!!! With somewhat sarcastic thanks to Ravelry and a group all about cosies... I discovered Xephyr's wee coffee cosy and had to make my own. If I couldn't have my own devoted lil' follower, at least I'd have one keeping my chamomile tea (cuz at this time of the knitty year, I need calming) hot for the length of knitting a lace shawl row.

Having completed three minion hats for the g-nephews... this would be a piece of cake. After rummaging through the yarn stash (and why stash building is necessary), the appropriate colours were found and voila... a Cosy Minion! Since this was knit up in an evening, a second needed to be completed in the morning to ensure that I remembered what I did. Success! So with much thanks to Xephyr inspiring me and the far too many squirrel moments...

My Cosy Minion ©knottyred

Fits regular size travel mug

Worsted weight yarn in denim blue (a), yellow (b), black (c), white (d), grey (e)
5mm DPN's
Crochet hook
Black button (or wobbly eyes)
darning needle

Rdn- round
k- knit
p- purl
ch- chain
sc- single crochet
sl st- slip stitch

With yarn a, cast on 36 stitches and join in the round.
Rnd 1-3: k1, p1 across
Rnd 4-10: k across. Change to yarn b.
Rnd 11-17; k across. Change to yarn c.
Rnd 18-19; k across. Change back to yarn b.
Rnd 20-26; knit across.
Cast off.

Rnd 1; With yarn d, chain 4. Join in first chain with sl st. Ch 1.
Rnd 2; 8 sc in centre of loop, join with sl st in first ch,
Rnd 3; sc in same stitch as join, 2 sc in each chain to end of round, join with sl st (16)
Rnd 4; With yarn e, sc in each chain. Fasten off leaving tail long enough to stitch eye to body.

Enjoy your beverage responsibly... oh, and don't be selling your minion cosies or this pattern.