Sunday, 2 September 2012

best laid plans...

You woulda thought that with a trip to Ireland, the annual Jane Austen weekend in the Rockies and other odds and sods over the months that I would had lots to talk about. I did... but I was too busy and too lazy to write. I certainly wasn't too busy to knit. In fact, my time in Ireland produced one cashmere shawl (oh yeah, cashmere) and two pairs of socks.

My visit to my Heartland was a little different this time round. I was to meet up with my best bud and spend a month together wandering around sharing our favourite places while enjoying a Guinness or ten! Excited doesn't come close to what we were feeling. All the planning in the weeks prior to boarding was half the fun... and then things changed.

As they say... best laid plans! Arrived in Dublin a day late due to weather (this brought about ample airport/flying shawl knitting) but my Bud wasn't able to meet me as scheduled due to business. For that matter, her work kept her busy for nearly two weeks. Yay for knowing my way around and my other friends who took care of me. But it wasn't what we had planned. Didn't have a car rented cuz my Bud had that covered so was 'trapped' with bus or train travel. I was good with that. Shawl done and socks started while waiting and wandering. Knitting in St. Stephen's Green was a delight... so says the knitty geek!

I love my Heartland but I was missing my dear one... and then she got sick and everything changed. Best laid plans indeed for she flew home because of her illness yet there was still two more weeks before I was going home. Oh, did I feel sorry for myself and in that self-pity... frenetic knitting ensued. If I kept knitting I wouldn't have to time to do the "what if's".  But in that knitting, the mind cleared up. I mean, for feck's sake, I was in Ireland.  I WAS IN IRELAND... the place where my heart was first healed... so stop moaning about what could have been and move on!!

Best laid plans indeed but sometimes plans do change. It's how we deal with the  change that determines one's mettle. So along with making new friends, eating my fair share of fish n' chips, drinking up the Bulmer's and hanging round museums, Irish Film Fleadh, Titanic Exhibit and pub knitting... yup, I managed my change of plans and good craic was had by all.