Sunday, 22 August 2010

Scooch down...

Well, it was time for me annual once over at the doctor's office and contrary to popular thinking... I don't get all veclemped about it. I actually look forward to it. It tells me another year has passed and I'm still alive with no major health issues to chat about with Dr. D. I am always amused when I go to my appointment. This wasn't always so...

I have vague memories of the 'first visit' with a much older male doctor. I never spoke unless he asked me questions. The only woman I could talk about the women issues was my Gram but sadly passed away when I was in my early 20's. Mum... poor dear taught by nuns in a Catholic school... was not helpful. Heaven forbid women understand their own bodies.

Times have changed... or maybe I have. And it took being in the cast in Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues to help bring about this change! Who knew a play about a bunch of women's stories from around the world would awaken the senses.

My favourite monologue that I was privileged to perform... The Angry Vagina... well, lets just say no twenty something can do this piece justice. She hasn't been around long enuff but she will learn. Anyways...  it was this bit that got me less stressed over the doctor visits and those mean cold duck lips!!! It didn't happen over night... a chat with the nieces helped. The poor young dears found it hard to say the word 'Vagina"! Boy, did we talk. And I discovered that I was no longer afraid to say vagina let alone the visits.

So the visit this time around included laughter, daring Dr. D to say "scooch down", chatting about my "fluffiness" and the beginnings of "the pause"... oy! And while I was staring up at the ceiling I thought... "I should knit him some stirrup cozies"...

Thursday, 12 August 2010

knead: to mix and blend

Let me begin by saying... I'm just an ordinary gal who wants to do extraordinary things. I have a little time on my side so there is hope... one small step atta time.

I started knitting in the fall of 2006... a few short months after what was the love of my life running off for another. What began as a means of keeping the mind busy and supplement the therapy sessions soon became a passion. In the class I was told I knitted with frenzy... I laughed!!! They were right... my stix were going as fast as my brain. My knitting has calmed down (as well as me brain) but I fear I may begin to yarn shop with frenzy... good thing I only have one credit card and no line of credit!

A few years have passed... new love in my life has helped to mix things up a bit (he's my Knit-Picker), journeys to Ireland (that story is for another time), dear old friends and an amazing knitting family have all blended into a brilliant support system that... if it wasn't already mine... I would envy!!!!!!

So what was my first real knit after an Into to Knitting class at my favourite LYS? Scarf? Dish cloth? Nay... felted slippers... one step towards something extraordinary.