Thursday, 12 August 2010

knead: to mix and blend

Let me begin by saying... I'm just an ordinary gal who wants to do extraordinary things. I have a little time on my side so there is hope... one small step atta time.

I started knitting in the fall of 2006... a few short months after what was the love of my life running off for another. What began as a means of keeping the mind busy and supplement the therapy sessions soon became a passion. In the class I was told I knitted with frenzy... I laughed!!! They were right... my stix were going as fast as my brain. My knitting has calmed down (as well as me brain) but I fear I may begin to yarn shop with frenzy... good thing I only have one credit card and no line of credit!

A few years have passed... new love in my life has helped to mix things up a bit (he's my Knit-Picker), journeys to Ireland (that story is for another time), dear old friends and an amazing knitting family have all blended into a brilliant support system that... if it wasn't already mine... I would envy!!!!!!

So what was my first real knit after an Into to Knitting class at my favourite LYS? Scarf? Dish cloth? Nay... felted slippers... one step towards something extraordinary.

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  1. Red, have you read "Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair"? a great book about a strong lady who uses knitting to help her get her life back in control. And has some great knit projects too :)