Thursday, 8 September 2011

I miss your blog...

... At least that's what a knitty buddy told me. Made me wonder... did she miss my ruckus ramblings... my preachy prattling... my kooky comments... pics of my precious projects?  I must admit... I was a wee bit flattered. Then it got me to thinking just what it is we do to find the positives in our lives when the world around us is crazy town. I haven't been writing for a while because of all the crazy town stuff going but it's when I feel least like doing it that it's even more important that I do. It's a way of releasing inside the negative and finding a creative way to search for the positive.

I had been so scared for my heart-sister that I dared not write...  about her, her designs or my test knitting for her. I didn't want to write... just knit, for in my wee mind if I stopped knitting her designs the worst would happen... see, crazy town! On the bright side... lots of gorgeous projects completed and some of them are even Christmas gifts! You heard me, Christmas knitting and it's not even November! Now there is a positive... four gifts done and ideas for others. Another positive... heart-sister will be around for a good while to bother me with designs to test up and long chats about family antics! I can bother her about all my orange knitty projects... my favourite colour but her least!!

I guess we find the positives in little things... simple compliments, gentle teasing, shoulders to lean on and loving words... spoken or written. It may be crazy town but we're in this together... may as well enjoy the ride with panache!