Monday, 18 May 2015

sunshine makes everything better

Well, getting knocked out of Sock Madness was a wee blessing in disguise... monogamous knitting is not for me. No matter how pretty the socks were, the idea of only knitting them till they were finished drove me crazy. Mind you in a good way as I have two brilliant pairs of socks in less than a month... but there were so many other patterns calling my name.

Yes... I have cast-onitus... hence why I'm not a monogamous knitter but I'm ok with that. It's the journey and not the destination for me. This past month, the journey for my mental health continued... in a good way. Spending time on doing what I wanted and not what I needed was very freeing.

Somehow... with our longer days and warming sun, this indeed helped bring about a brighter outlook. If someone told me three months ago that I would be acting-director for over a month, I would've laughed at them. If someone told me three months ago that I would be planning a holiday in LA to visit my heart-sister in June, I would've laughed at them. If someone told me three months ago that I would be knitting for sheer joy and not using it to hide in dark rooms with, I would've cried.

Focusing on self-care is not selfish... it is necessary in order to be healthy... to give back to others. Focusing so much on the destination while forgetting to enjoy the journey along the way, one ends up missing all the little things on the path. Or ends up stalled along the way with no fuel left to move.  Along with a major detour that stopped me in my tracks, I had no more fuel. Finding alternate fuel sources wasn't easy but having amazing people around me to help get past the detour has been an amazing source of light and strength.

Like my Mil Pasos shawl... it really is about one step atta time. Yes, sometimes a step forward may also mean a stumble or three along the way but... just keep moving. Now move I must on that wee baby blanket, the silk shawl and cotton tunic, another tote... oh, Squirrel... deck knitting!!! Yup, sunshine does make everything a wee bit better.