Monday, 2 May 2011

'Vog luv...

I blame my heart sister Meagheen, for cranking up my love of Fluevog Shoes. If she'd just stop giving me great sock patterns to test knit, I wouldn't have to find the proper venue to showcase them for her! Oh, one could flay a sock across the ol' shag rug and hope that people will purchase the pattern. I'd get distracted by the ol' shag rug and not notice the gorgeous pattern.

I get distracted a lot by unimportant things... ooo-what is that shiny thing... and oft' times fail to see what I'm really supposed to discover. My first journey to Ireland was just that. I was distracted with a broken heart (ok, that was an important life changing distraction) that it took me two weeks into the journey to realize that I accomplished a childhood dream... standing on my great-grandparents homeland and discovering their stories! Their life changing journey guided me through mine and from that point on my world got better. It was like someone threw a peat log at me and knocked me off my un-Fluevog feet!

We're all on a journey of sort. I gotta remember it's not about the destination but about how we journey through it all. We just need to put our best foot forward as we travel towards the best in our lives... what er' it may be.

Now... back to the 'Vog site and see if Miss M and I continue to order the same shoes!

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  1. I understand distraction, we redheads must stick together.