Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Poppy Project

So Knitmonton is at it again... another yarn bombing adventure! In case you don't know about this Edmonton group... in their words... "We love our city so much that we want to make it even prettier... one yarn-bomb at a time. It's about bringing joy to the everyday of life."

Knitmonton has completed a number of yarn graffiti projects that helped pretty up the city over the past couple of years. Yarn bombing with scarves for the Bissell Centre, sunflower garden for the Alzheimer Centre, pink ribbons for a cancer walk is but a few events this group has been the shenanigators for.

It is their latest project that is very special and it involves poppies... lots and lots of poppies for their Valour Poppy Project for Valour House. Following the lead of many of our local knitters, crocheting the poppies is certainly a faster process and apparently, Knitmonton needs a lot. 

I best be getting started lest I get left behind in the dust of Loopysue... she is one fast knitter/crochet artist! Oh heck, I'll be left in her dust no matter what but we are ever so grateful she is so fast to make up for the rest of us. It's good to have a friends whose strengths make up for our weaknesses, is it not? They make our lives richer while we can only hope to do the same for them. 

Do you want to help? Go to Knitmonton's website or their Facebook page for details... now back to to mini-poppies...

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