Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The importance of being family...

There is something to be said about having friends with the same likes...

I have grown rather fond of my knitting buddies. Some I have met and knit with regularly in my local area. They are an amazing group of ladies and I have learned so much from them... some of it is even about knitting! We meet in the coffee shop, the pub, the fish n' chip shop, the LYS... we seek advice on Ravelry and some of it is even about knitting! They have become a group of sisters by choice... my world has changed because of them and I am grateful.

Then there are others that I have only met on line but my friends they still are. Let me tell you about the Ryan Clan... I first met on Ravelry on one of the "Father Ted's" fan group... love that feckin' show! Through conversations and life circumstances I was invited to join the Ryan Family group... and me world has changed... again.

The Ryan Clan is about family... some are blood... some family by choice and I am honoured to be one of the chosen. One of the chosen sisters posted the following: We all have found such a wonderful home here with the Ryan’s. No matter what has ever gone on either on-line or in the real world, here we always find a kind word, a yummy recipe, lovely patterns and many, many kind words and stories. So let’s return the favor in kind... and we were then asked to share a kind word or two about the family. I couldn't single anyone out for I knew I would miss someone. So, here is my favour in kind...

The Ryan Clan... we are a very eclectic group! Some live on this side of The Pond... others live across The Pond; some have visited Ireland (the Ryan homeland)... others dream of doing so; some are under 50... some are over; some have children/grandchildren... others do not; some work outside the home... others work in the home; some knit... some crochet; some design... others test knit the designs.... I could go on and on but as you can see, we are like any other family. We chat, we question, we cry, we laugh, and we tease... oh, do we tease! There is always one in the family that the teasing is focused a little more on... not that we love them more or less... but the shoulders are broad and the teasing... well, frankly is encouraged.

This takes me to Murphy the Sheep with his pink bum (that's another story)... and to Meagheen who designs these very special and funny mini socks. Murphy gets into trouble where ever he goes... and that's half the fun. The other half is helping Meagheen finding different ways for Murphy to get into trouble. Then off she goes to design the story onto a wee sock! I'm not very good at two colour stranding let alone all the millions of colours she uses... well, not millions but it feels like it... so others in the family will test knit! I wanted to give back to the Ryan Clan who has welcomed me with open arms and loving hearts... introducing "I Heart Murphy" shawl pin. I giggle when I wear it, giggle when I think about his mishaps... and I feel love from the whole Ryan Clan.

One day we will meet over a pint and laugh and cry like we've known each other for years!

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