Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Autumnal Musings...

It's fall... well, actually it's been feeling like fall for a few weeks now. Digging out the scarves and shawls and capes and all the while wondering where summer went... and dreaming of summers past. Why is it that that first chill in the air brings on feelings of melancholy? Where did the summer go... what did I do... did I accomplish anything... did I have fun? Why can't I wear summer dresses anymore?! Then my thoughts turn to "Christmas is coming and I haven't really started knitting the presents that I want to give". What a conundrum I am in. Oh, the yarn is purchased for all the various projects and the patterns picked... but nary a thing is cast on. Too busy doing test knits for Meagheen or finishing birthday presents. Mind you... some of those test knits will become Christmas presents... but still... I'm so far behind I can see me own arse! But now that Fall is here... time to start thinking about those other knitty things that I'm so far behind in. So what did I do... well, that brings me to my latest fun knit project. And it has nothing to do with Christmas or presents of any sort but everything to do with battling the soon to come winter weather. Squirrel!

Introducing the Laptop Sweater! Well, actually this was more about knitting up a laptop cover that was more portable than the briefcase thing. Getting ready for a road trip holiday and yes, I intend to bring the laptop for whom I've named 'Sir Arthur'... Guinness that is, not the Round Table dude. Sir Arthur holds all the patterns I intend to knit while on holidays... yes, I'm trying to be ecologically friendly and all. So, while I dig around for more scarves and knit up more shawls... Sir Arthur can be just as cozy as the rest of us.

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