Sunday, 10 October 2010

Pier of Feet...

There is something to be said for holiday knitting... it is the perfect excuse to knit all day. "Because I'm on holidays!" became the line of the day. I only had two goals... finish the birthday socks for the gal pal as that was the reason for the get-away AND complete a test knit on a very special sock design by Miss Meagheen. Both required attention paying... both were on a deadline.... but I was on holidays!!!

Because the west coast was our destination... the goal was to knit on every pier of the places we went to. Knitting out on a pier with the wind blowing the yarn about ones self and the gulls flying above is a delightful feeling for the prairie gal! So, pier knitting I did. And to make it more enjoyable... the sun shone the whole time.

There truly is something to be said about holiday knitting... enjoying the sun... the wind... the waves... and smiling with each and every stitch.  So, here's to all the piers out there waiting for other knitters to create glorious memories of their own. Oh, and the socks... done right on time!

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