Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Tomorrow I'll procrastinate!

Actually, I'm not a procrastinator... I'm a perfectionist. If I can't do it right the first time around... I'll put off what ever I'm doing. I forget that sometimes it's not about the end result but about the process. It's not about the finished product but about the learning's that get me there. Easier said than done... I have a sweater project that's been sitting in the basket for nearly two years because I can't seem to sort out the sleeve bit. More recently... I have a sock and shawl waiting for me to finish. They are test knits for my dear Miss M. I'm nearly done the shawl but can't seem to get my mind around one section... stoopid brain farts... don't get me started on the sock issue! While Miss M and I have seemingly sorted these out... I have yet to pick up the stix to give it a go.

Oh, I have lots of psycho babble I can use to explain this all away... bottom line... I'm afraid of getting it wrong and appearing stupid. In other words, I'm human. Knitting is testing my patience while teaching me patience. Because of this, I've learned new skills... accomplished my 'new year's goal' to learn to do cables. This is important... I never follow through with these things. I either don't bother trying or give up at first set-back. This time tho... I tried, followed through and voila... love doing cables! Oh, I made some mistakes but as a result of working through it all... a new skill was born. OK, OK... patience through process... I need to hang on to this while I go dig out those test knits from under the pile of laundry.

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