Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Old and New...

Old friends with new babies... what a delightful reason to knit!

I have this amazing group of friends... no... family by choice is what they are. Well, two very special little girls have entered our 'family' circle. Sadly, we will not be seeing them on a daily basis or monthly for that matter. They are here visiting Poppa's home town...  their full-time residence is Mum's home town... London. Yes... that London.

We delighted in watching their parents love grow... and we will delight in watching these little girls grow... albeit from afar through pictures and stories. But they are now a part of our circle of friends... and where ere Eva and Naomi be... they will grow up knowing that they are loved and cherished from far, far away.

So... every stitch was made with love and a kiss... they will be the snappiest lil' ladies in ol' London Town.

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