Monday, 22 November 2010

Christmas is coming... this goose better not get fat!

It's -25c right now with a windchill that would make a polar bear shudder. Snow covers the car and driving is rather nasty.  I think the critters that eat all summer to prepare for hibernation all winter have got something there! Just imagine... all that greasy goodness and sugary satisfaction then sleep all winter only to emerge to start all over again. There certainly are some days I wished I coulda slept right through but that's another story...

I can deal with the snow and cold... I can't deal with fingers so cold that even knitting won't warm them up! This isn't good because there are still some Christmas projects sitting in the queue... toques for my wee nephews, mitts for Poppa, mini sock decorations for friends, scarves and Guinness toques for other friends. I do this to myself every year... I have great organizational plans in January only to be pulled aside for lacy shawls, socks, test knits, dreaming through knitting books and more socks that, sadly,  I keep for my own feet! By the time the first snow fall arrives I'm in a dead panic. There isn't enuff Guinness to help me get through the "OMG... I don't have enuff time" syndrome.

So snow has fallen and I really need to hibernate in order to get my knitting projects finished! But... would it be in bad form if they ended on next year's list and I head over to the shops in the mall? Mind you... I better stay away from all the greasy goodness of fish 'n chips!

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