Friday, 3 December 2010

No small feet!

Count down to Christmas continues as does the panic. Three scarves and one ear flap toque done. One more scarf, two more toques, muff and a felted bag to go. I'm positive there's more on my list but I just can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that there are only 21 days left to knit! And if I didn't have to work... I really would have 21 days to knit! I've been so busy with big yarn and stix for the scarves that my fingers need to re-adjust to toothpix knitting!

Yup, time again to get back to wee knitting and my fingers are rebelling. The wee knitting is for a gift exchange. Oh, I could go to a store and purchase an ornament to exchange... but what's the fun in that? I mean... it's just a tree ornament we're to give and how hard is that? Yikes.... famous last words... Took an hour to cast on 3 stitches, make an i-cord and cast on a further 15 stitches for a mini-mitten! Dropped the 'toothpix' a couple of times... dropped the stitches a couple more times... did I say it took ONE HOUR to complete a 2 inch i-cord, cast on 15 more stitches and knit one round!!! Why, oh why was this taking so long? Jeese... the mini sock was done with no real issues (only had to frog back once) but this mini-mitten was nearly the death of me. My fingers needed to work just little bit differently.

The techniques were all the same... maybe that's the learning... sometimes we need to 'stray' from our usual way of doing things for the outcomes to be brilliant. The tools are the same... maybe a little smaller... maybe a little fancier... but the tools are essentially the same. As in all things new or different... the foundation is there. It's how we accomplish the final outcome that, at times, is the real challenge. Nope, not going to buy an ordinary ornament... I'd rather have frenzied panic and learn a little more about myself while creating something special for a friend. Besides... the friendship will be that much stronger!

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