Friday, 17 December 2010

Christmas Crackers... Nuts n' Bolts

Christmas traditions drives me nuts! Don't get me wrong... I love 'em. From the fruitcake (I LOVE fruitcake) to the snacks to those wonderful Christmas Crackers that, with crossed arms and fingers, they 'snap' when they're supposed to and that the hat stays on the head all through the dinner! But no matter how much planning I do in my head... and there is a lot of activity in there... I never seem to learn. Crazy Christmas knitting begins not in June... but in November. Christmas baking begins not in November but in December. My massage therapist has her work cut out for her in attempting to work out the kinks and knots from the lower back to the tips of the fingers...  note to self... finish her gift!

Panic began to set in when I couldn't find my dear friend's recipe for Nut's n' Bolts. I know I have a screw loose but I was becoming unhinged! To make matters worse (in a creative way, mind you) my 'sister' Miss Meagheen has been sending fantastic mini Christmas ornaments to knit but it's the middle of December and there is no time to add to the list. Besides... where is that recipe... ooo, that yarn would work really well with that ornament... SHINY!!

Thank goodness for my dear friend, Marian in re-re-re-sending her recipe (have since saved in 3 different folders and 2 computers). Thank goodness for dear Meagheen's really easy pattern for... CHRISTMAS CRACKERS!!!! Yes... it's a week before The Day and I'm knitting these up that were not on the 'must do' gifts list. You gotta admit... they're adorable and the perfect reusable "wrapping paper". Now to just make them 'snap' and not get all that salty Nuts n' Bolts goodness all through yarny goodness. Planning is for next year. I know... it's just crazy town!!!

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