Thursday, 23 December 2010

Hah... Bumhug!

It's amazing how a little thing can turn one into a Ms. Scrooge. Lets just say that work certainly gets in the way of merriment! Life is pretty stressful as it is this time of year but add to it work poop... well, it's all one can do to not start nipping into the eggnog before hitting the shower first thing in the morning!

Top it all off... because work just isn't as fun as it used to be... Boss: Can you review this report? Me: Really? Nothing will come of it anyways... it's all I can do to stay focused outside of work and not get all worked up about knitted projects not yet done! Yup... so need some time away to recharge and stop complaining about, well... everything! You know it's bad when knitting a gift for someone you love turns into another chore! HUMBUG!

I gotta turn this around... have a cup of tea while knitting up Poppa's muff for his always cold hands and enjoy it's cable goodness... sit back and know that work will turn around cuz' (heaven forbid) it might actually just be me in all my crankiness! But, I'll worry about that in the new year. In the mean time... finish my last knitted gift and try to remember to start gift knitting in February! Yup... gotta turn this around... HAH... BUMHUG!

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