Thursday, 30 December 2010

Happy Knitty Ewe Year!

So here I sit with a cup of tea wondering what new challenges will come my way in 2011. Not crazy life changing moral dilemma challenges... been there-did that-didn't like it-hurt too much. No... I'm looking for fun creative challenges that will lighten my soul and put a spark in my heart. I'm not looking to change the world... just my little corner of it. So, tie back the hair and get down to it...

I'm relatively new to this knitting world and have so much still to learn. So many techniques... so much yarn... so little time. That may well be the challenge... learn a new technique with each new project. That's doable, don't you think? Not world changing, I know, but the knitting world is small. Learning new techniques requires a circle of like hearts to guide and help along the way. My circle of mentors, both in person and on Ravelry, are very special to me. Might that be another challenge...  help new knitters like those who have guided me along my way.  Well... these hands might well be busy this year... creating, typing, helping... my soul feels lighter already!

Happy Knitty Ewe Year!!!


  1. It's been a great year Red, especially since it was the year we met. Happy Knitting and here's to another great year of knitting and friendship, Love you doll!

  2. I count my blessing from 2010 and you are one of them. Can't wait to go home with you. Slainte.