Monday, 8 November 2010

Small comforts...

My on-line Ryan family has lived through many joys and sorrows... which is not hard for a family of over 20 siblings. Often my Ryan family deals with all this at the same time. New babies recently born and there is such joy. But a young adult has recently passed and there is such sorrow. So much is taken for granted and so much is forgotten to give thanks for. Hard for me to fathom as I just have a baby brother to contend with.

My heart hurts for my adopted Ryan family... but I'm also just a wee bit jealous. Stay with me on this... in my family, there is just the two of us, my brother and I. Broken I would be if he was no longer there. He is my rock but there are times I could use other rocks. Not because Bro isn't a good rock but I feel the need for a back up or two just in case he isn't around when I need him. See, totally selfish. But then... my back up rocks are the Ryan's and maybe that is why my heart hurts for them... I know they would be there for me when needed... like they know I am there for them when needed.
So as they support each other and their sister who is grieving over the loss of her daughter... I move up my test knit queue a very special design... Siobhan... in honour of the designer's sister. The sister is strong and am told she is a little like thistle... a wee bit prickly (not unlike meself!) but beautiful like the thistle flower to all who truly know her.

These socks are for Siobhan... sometimes it is the small comforts that can carry a broken heart. That is all we need to remember. Oh,  and don't forget to give thanks for all the rocks in your world... be a good rock yourself.

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