Monday, 28 February 2011


Coming home to a freshly cleaned house just tickles me pink...  well frankly, a whole bunch of colours!!! Once a month a cleaning service comes in and mops and sweeps, sucks and dusts, scrubs and tidies all the nooks and crannies in my wee abode. It is my treat to myself... especially since I got me a new cat-mate (well, he's a rescued old one) who leaves behind his white fur everywhere (I thinks he's proud of himself).

Another thing that tickles me all the colours of the rainbow? Completing a long hibernated knitting project! Not only is my house clean but my knitting procrastination list is down one object! I Dream of the Skelligs was a test knit for my heart sister, Meagheen. She re-jigged the design a little to make it better but for the life of me I couldn't sort out the math... so off to the side it went... for 3 months! With Meagheen fighting the health battle of her dear life I decided my math battle was nothing. I admit I did ask for help... much like Meagheen has... and it made all the difference in the world. The confidence was boosted and the test knit... complete!

Sometimes, that's really all we need... a hand to help us through our un-tidiness and someone to help us with whatever battle we face.

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