Saturday, 12 February 2011

Less is more...

Not that my life is complicated or anything but there are times that I do wish for simpler things and less worries. I worry I can't keep up at work with all the impending changes and demands... I worry for my brother and all that is on his plate... I worry for my Mum and her increasing difficulty in walking... I worry for my Dad and his decreasing mobility... I worry for the special young people in my world whose lives have just received a curve ball... I worry for my heart-sister who is in the battle of her life...  the list goes on. I can be such a worrier wanting to make things better while at the same time appear like all is right in my world.

Maybe that's why I wanted to do the hood on my Heartland Cape in plain stockinette... no extra details, no extra patterns... and while the angel story is precious I didn't want the fancy back panel. I just wanted a beautiful simple knit so the heart cables on the hood border would become the focal point.  Maybe... in my worrisome days... I just want to be surrounded by hearts of love...... hearts of healing... hearts of hope.

I hope for better days for my family and my dear friends... that they know they are loved. That's not a lot to ask for but means so much more...

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