Wednesday, 26 October 2011

M... K... F.....

Here I sit in my hotel room... choosing not to attend the conference sessions just yet... in my new Fluevog's musing on my next knitty projects. I just finished another test knit for the Heart Sister... yes, socks again but these are oh, so pretty and perfect for fancy shoes for those fancy parties looming in the next couple of months.

Yes, Christmas is looming for me and while I may have a few presents done I still have a few more to do. That's the problem... there's a new god-daughter and her sisters to knit up for, gorgeous alpaca yarn that's calling out to me to knit up some shawls, hand dyed treasures screaming at me to make a wee tunic top... so much yarn, so little time.

And the battle begins between my head that knows what it needs to do to get the Christmas gifts ready and the heart that just wants to play. I'll do a little compromise. Make a toque with some colourful yarn on the three hour bus ride today... then buckle down on three important teddy bear knits for the grand-nephews and three important knits for the god-daughter and her sisters.

Good things do come in three's, but... Must. Knit. Faster.

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