Friday, 4 November 2011

getting sidetracked...

...which really isn't all that hard for me... squirrel! Dang, saw new yarn and well, you know how it goes. New yarn+new projects=continued un-monogamous knitting. Happily, the slouchy tam got done before the new yarn arrived. Sadly, the new yarn arrived before I got the the teddy bears started for my three lads!

So what sidetracked me? Sock yarn called Time Traveller and I knew I had to make me some Doctor Who socks! Really... who wouldn't for that matter! I will console myself with the fact that I have the yarn for the teddy bears safely tucked away... that was another squirrel moment when I decided to make these little treasures. Looked through a knitter mag and there they were. Sweet Shelley enabled me by lending her mag for the cause. I had get a better handle on all these "oh look, shiny" moments or I'll never get anything done in time for Christmas. Wait, I never attached a completion year to the Christmas bear knitting...


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