Tuesday, 24 January 2012


It's near the end of January 2012... where has the year gone already? With all the Christmas marathon knitting that occurred in December, January seemed a bit un-frenetic! That doesn't mean there wasn't anything happening. January became the perfect month to finish a very long project... long in that it was started in Feb '11 and long that this project was the infamous Doctor Who Scarf finishing at 14 feet. 

Now why, do you ask, would one want to be knitting the Doctor Who Scarf? I mean, it's nothing fancy- no cables or lace work, ordinary colours, from the old Doctor series. Why indeed? It was a labour of love for an adopted nephew who has since become enamored with The Doctor. Perseverance indeed!! 

Perseverance is required for a lot of things... relationship building, fighting illness, weight loss, renovations... anything worth having takes time to achieve. Anything worth achieving takes time. We must persevere through the bad for only then can we truly appreciate the good. Investing in ourselves and others is the kindest and truest of all achievements. I just need to remember this when I fuss about my weight...

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  1. I just had to share your blog on my facebook page. Proving to my sisters, nieces, cousins and other non knitting folk - THERE ARE OTHER KNITTERS besides me! And who has way more perservance than I will ever have!