Sunday, 29 January 2012

start the day right...

So I got me a broken molar... this makes for a very cranky and a very short attention spanned knitter.  I started up a wee shawlette but after 2 days of evening knitting it's not done yet. Then started up a cotton bath-mat from Jane Austen's Sewing Book for a change of pace and after one day of evening knitting it's not done yet. This sore jaw is really cramping my style. As I reached for my luke warm coffee knowing that a stronger bevie on Sunday morning would be all wrong, I knew what I had to do. Knit up a coffee cosy and not just any coffee cosy... a Guinness Coffee Cosy...  for mornings when you really want something more than coffee. In the mean time, I'll grab me some pain killers and get back to that bath-mat.

Guinness Coffee Cosy
White and Brown Worsted Weight
Size 4 or 5mm Double Points (Depends on the size of your mug)
2 stitch markers
K- Knit
P- Purl
K2T- knit 2 together
PM- place marker

In White, cast on 54 st. Join in round.
Round 1- K1, P1 to end of round
Round 2- P1, K1 to end of round.
Round 3 - 6 Continue with moss stitch
Change to brown
Round 7- Knit
Round 8- Place marker, K2T, K 25, PM, K2T, K 25
Round 9-12, Knit
Round 13- K2T, k to marker, K2T, knit to end of round
Round 14-17, Knit
Round 18- Repeat R13
Round 19-21, Knit
Round 22- Repeat R13
Round 23-25- Knit
Round 26- Repeat R13
Round 27- K1, P1 to end of Round. Repeat K1, P1 ribbing for total of 5 rounds.
BO loosely. Fits comfortably over a large travel mug.

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