Saturday, 11 February 2012

Labour of Love...

Remember the dreaded scarf project that when on and on, forever and ever? Well, The Boy has his treasure. His grin says it all and I just can't stop grinning and happy clapping. Yup, we're both nerds and we love it.

While I never really complained about knitting this lil' treasure... it was a long, boring, tedious, never ending, what have I gotten myself into knit... but I never really complained!

Like life... there are things we do that at times we wonder why we even bothered. We're living in an age of instant gratification... all those devices that make every connection immediate. Why bother doing anything that takes longer than a minute to produce?

While I do love that texting thing... there is something to be said for the Slow Movement ideals... the end product makes every moment of the journey worth its while. Now I must remember to remind myself of this on all my big and small heart-made treasures.

And I still can't help but giggle and happy clap whenever I look at The Boy's grin... Just don't ask me to knit another...

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