Friday, 11 January 2013

Not a good sign when...

... you forget your password to get into your own blog. Um, I guess it's been a while. No real reason other than I just got lazy about writing. Always found something else to do because frankly, writing doesn't come all that easy for me. I can stare at a blank page pondering what to write for hours. Thoughts wander about but until that first sentence is on the page... thoughts keep wandering. 

Kinda what happens when I'm in a meeting. Everyone else chats up a storm while I'm the one sorting the ideas out in my head before sharing them. Did the same thing when I was taking Theatre and Speech at university (that's another story)... my best improv line would come two hours after the moment. SNL was never gonna be knocking on my door. 

Writing, like knitting, is a skill. Both take time and work to hone up but I admit... I've been much better at honing up the fibre skills than the writing. Took a class to work on my colour work and another class to try my hand at crochet. By doing so I became more willing to take chances with my knitting. 

Maybe forgetting my password and not posting anything since September was a good sign after all. Nothing like a little introspective pondering to kick start the new year. My pondering has taken me to this... I need to take greater chances with my writing which includes writing when I feel least like writing. Don't worry... I won't become a political blogger or a ranter about everything for there are same brilliant folks who already got that corner of the market covered. 

I'll just carry on with my ordinary pithy thoughts with hopes that I improve my skills in just plain living... and of course.... knitting! 

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