Sunday, 5 May 2013

Help comes in all forms...

Your 'bursa' in your front hip flexor is inflamed, I was told. Bursitis? That's what old people get in their hip or what extreme athletes get in their shoulder. I'm neither... really! Such excruciating pain for two weeks that even Rx meds couldn't dull.. Moving without pain? Nope. Sitting without pain? Nope. Sleep? Nope! Knitting? Definitely nope! You know it's bad when you can't concentrate long enough to do what relaxes you the most. I mean really... no knitting for nearly three weeks!

Ain't that just the way things are tho... stuff gets in the way of doing what we want or what we need to do. For me, it was debilitating pain that stopped me from working and knitting for a few weeks. For others, it could be so many, many things that prevents them from doing what is important to them or worse, live the life they're meant to live. 

I got help... Sweetie with meals and comforting hugs, sympathetic looks from CatMate while I laid on the floor, friends with painkillers and appropriate comfort snack foods (Hello, Cheezies!) checking in on me and making me laugh, and four weeks of intense physio, acupuncture and massage therapy. I was able to do what I needed to but I am also so very aware that others are not so blessed.

Do they refuse help, don't know where to look for help or worse yet, don't know they need help? Either way, a life would not be lived to the fullest and that is the ultimate loss. I hope I am the help to others when in pain that my friends were to me. Maybe that is all we can hope for... be there for others, hold their hand and just listen.

And a good bag of Cheezies couldn't hurt. Now, back to knitting... I am so far behind.

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