Sunday, 1 February 2015

Letting go ain't easy

A week ago today was the panic attack that brought me to my knees... and into the doctors office. Each day I come across such sayings as... let go... this too shall pass... when one door closes... one day atta time... yadda-yadda-yadda. All good things to say but often, not the things one wants to hear but I am trying to listen. That's not an easy task by any means. What is a bit easier (not by much mind you) is finding three things each day to help me get back to me... something I said I would do. While a few days have past since disclosing my messy life, I have been keeping track of my three things... it's riveting reading...

Barely got my knitting out in the waiting room when I got called for my blood tests
Finished a baby blanket
Heard CatMate snoring in the other room... and giggled

B-fast with friends
Going to the market and buying 2 skeins of merino for price of 1... and I wasn't even looking for yarn
Found German chocolate for a Grimm themed knit swap

Finding two 'lost' partially knitted pairs of socks
Registered for Sock Madness
A nap

Now to toss a coin to determine which pair of socks to knit from my super bowl.

Oh, and the good thoughts floating about the universe on my behalf... thank you!

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