Friday, 6 February 2015

something caustic...

 In-spite of finding three ordinary yet positive things each day, I haven't been feeling very productive the last few weeks. Understandable so says my doctor... burn out/anxiety attacks takes a lot out of a person and there's just so much Netflixing one can do. British dramas aside, I needed to accomplish at least one thing this week. Doing laundry and I noticed my soap making supplies collecting dust in the corner... huh...

So lavender soap it is but it's been a while. Weigh scale, essential oils, sodium hydroxide... check... wait, where are my gloves? Been burned a few times with errant splash spots that gloves are definitely a must. Did I say it's been a while? Well, after miss measuring the oils and hunting down towels to wrap the soap after it's poured I nearly mess up with the handling of the lye.

Take a step back, re-read the 'recipe' and focus. If the lye isn't mixed properly, it's caustic properties can do bad things. Interesting isn't it that it can burn through the skin on it's own yet mixed in the correct amount with some oils... a little time to balance out the ph and voila... rich soap is created that one can use on even the tenderest of skin.

Isn't that the way... something good often comes from something bad. May not seem like it at the time...  often time is needed to just find the balance. Like soap making, lye has been added to my life and some protection is needed to help guard my soul till balance is reestablished. So while I stumble along and work towards managing the anxiety... Netflix, knitting and a few fun excursions it is till I rediscover my balance.

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  1. Ah, Cailin, you are a miracle! The simple act of making soap (which I've never done!) turned into a life lesson. I love it! And that lavender soap looks amazing! Sending healing prayers your way...would love to live closer so I could spend some quality time knitting and healing with you! Hugs, my friend.