Monday, 29 February 2016

More madness...

So it's Sock Madness... aka SM10... time again... where knitters from around the world play a speed sock knitting game for bragging rights. Tendinitis in my right thumb always keeps me humble. Frankly, I'm happy if I finish the qualifying socks and with a second pair. Once a toe up or colour work pattern comes into play I gracefully bow out... hollering 'oh, damn' when the pattern pops up is graceful, isn't it?
Being a relative newbie in the game, I'm still fascinated with the whole process and all the work the organizers put into this competition. I know how to organize events. It's a whole lotta work but what the SM10 folks do is like wrangling cats from all corners of the earth who are all special snowflakes in their respective time zones!

So what is it that makes this special snowflake play this crazy game? Focus. This helps me focus on one thing and that, in my crazy, wackadoodle anxiety filled world, is a good thing. The goal of focusing and finishing a funky pair of socks within two weeks (or less) is very satisfying and oddly enuff, calming for me. Maybe because real life is a whole lot of "hurry up and wait and change it again" work projects... and why the thumb isn't too happy right now. During this game, the world around me is shut out while I knit one stitch at time... one row at a time till the toes are complete and I put them on. The satisfaction is huge... as is my smug smile when I look at my feet and think how cool they are.

Anxiety isn't cool but focusing on cool things to help calm the spirit is well worth the effort. Sooooo... let the stash diving commence but first... where is that Arnica for me thumb?

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  1. So glad you area joining us again this pressure, except the pressure one puts on oneself to finish the pair.